Autographs 1969
Richard Oliff & Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor with Richard Oliff Friday 15th May 2009

Telephone interview 
Thursday 7th May 2009
40 years after Hyde Park

Mick was inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame (with the Rolling Stones) in 1989, and
his handprints have been on Hollywood's Rockwalk since 6th September 1998

Other members of The Rolling Stones
Ian StewartDick Taylor
Brian JonesRonnie Wood

The Rolling Stones
lineup May 1969 - December 1974
Charle WattsMick Taylor
 Mick JaggerKeith RichardsBill Wyman
Mick Jagger's signature on a CD which was signed (2010) for Richard Oliff and presented to him by Leicester singer/songwriter Findlay Webster.
On the left is another example for comparrison as found on an online auction site
BILLBill Wyman & Richard Oliff
Bill Wyman in his Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp jacket with Richard Oliff Saturday 24th August 2013.
 'It's Only Rock 'n Roll' signed by Mick Taylor Friday 15th May 2009 & by Bill Wyman Saturday 24th August 2013