12th June 2001 Malmaison Hotel Newcastle
Paul Thompson, Phil Manzanera, Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay
Brian Eno, Andy Mackay,
 Bryan Ferry, Paul Thompson, Phil Manzanera
Leo Sayer Tour 1973
Roxy Music
Bryan Ferry (born 26th September 1945, Washington, Tyne and Wear) is an English singer, musician, songwriter and occasional actor known for a suave visual and vocal style, earning him the epithet 'The Electric Lounge Lizard'. Ferry came to public prominence in the early 1970s as lead vocalist and principal songwriter for Roxy Music, which enjoyed a highly successful career with three albums and ten singles entering the top ten charts in the United Kingdom. He continues to have a successful solo career earning a Grammy nomination in 2001.

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno
(born 15th May 1948), commonly known as simply Brian Eno (pronounced /ˈiːnoʊ/), is an English musician, composer, record producer, music theorist and singer, who, as a solo artist, is best known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music.
Here is another example of an early Eno signature

Andrew "Andy" Mackay (born 23rd July 1946) is an English multi-instrumentalist, is best known for his membership playing the oboe and the saxophone for the art rock group Roxy Music.

Phil Manzanera (born Philip Geoffrey Targett-Adams, 31st January 1951, in London, England) is a musician and record producer. He was the lead guitarist with Roxy Music. In 2006 Manzanera co-produced David Gilmour's album On An Island and played in Gilmour's band for tours in Europe and North America. He wrote and presented a series of 14 one-hour radio programmes for station Planet Rock entitled The A-Z of Great Guitarists and his new instrumental album, Firebird V11, was released in 2008.

''The Great and The Fabulous' Mr.Paul Thompson
(born 13th May 1951 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England)
Drummer for Roxy Music from 1971 to 1980 and from 2001 onwards

Edwin "Eddie" Jobson (born 28th April 1955) is an English keyboardist and violinist noted for his use of synthesizers. He has been a member of several progressive rock bands, including Curved Air, Roxy Music, 801, U.K., and Jethro Tull. He was also part of Frank Zappa's band in 1976-77. Aside from his keyboard work Jobson has also gained acclaim for his violin playing.

Andrew "Andy" Newmark (born 14th July 1950) is an American musician, best known as the drummer for the funk band Sly & the Family Stone from 1972 to 1973.

David Skinner (born David Ferguson Skinner, 4th July 19??) 
In 1977/8, Skinner toured as the keyboard player with Roxy Music. He also contributed to albums by Phil Manzanera and Bryan Ferry.

Neil Hubbard is a British guitarist who performed with The Grease Band, Joe Cocker, Roxy Music and played on the original 1970 concept album, Jesus Christ Superstar, Kokomo, BB King, Kevin Rowland, and Tony O'Malley.

Gary Tibbs (born Gary Brian Tibbs, 25th January 1958, Northwood, Middlesex, England) is a bass guitarist and actor, who appeared (playing the part of bass guitarist, Dave) in the film Breaking Glass, alongside Hazel O'Connor. He was also a member of Adam and the Ants, Code Blue, Roxy Music, The Vibrators and The Fixx. He first played on the The Fixx's 2003 album, Want That Life. He also formed a band called Merrick And Tibbs with Chris Hughes (aka Merrick), just after leaving Adam & the Ants. They released a single in 1982 entitled "Call of the Wild".

Jimmy Maelen (d.1988) was a percussionist in the 1960s-1980s, who worked with many artists including Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, Peter Gabriel, James Taylor, Dire Straits, Barry Manilow, Alice Cooper, and John Lennon

Paul Carrack (born 22nd April 1951) is an English keyboardist, singer and songwriter. Carrack has been a member of several bands including Ace, Squeeze, Mike + The Mechanics, and Roxy Music, been a session and touring musician for several others, and has enjoyed success as a solo artist as well. His distinctive voice appears on some of his affiliated bands' best-known hits. He was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. However, despite touring several times with Roxy Music and appearing on three Roxy albums he revealed recently in an interview with Richard Oliff that he never considered himself to be a member of the band.

Chris Spedding (born Peter Robinson, 17th June 1944, Staveley, Derbyshire) is an English rock and roll and jazz guitarist, best known for his session work. Allmusic states - "Spedding is one of the UK's most versatile session guitarists, and has had a long career on two continents that saw him tackle nearly every style of rock and roll, as well as sporadically attempting a solo career. The fact that he never quite broken through to stardom, except in his native England and parts of Europe, and in professional music circles, is more a result of bad timing and worse luck than any lack of talent or commitment on his part."

John Kenneth Wetton (born 12th June 1949) is an English bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, singer and songwriter. He was born in Willington, Derbyshire and grew up in Bournemouth, Dorset. He has been a professional musician since the late 1960s. He initially rose to fame in progressive rock with bands such as Mogul Thrash, Family, King Crimson, Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry, Uriah Heep, UK, and Wishbone Ash. 

Here are the signatures of
Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno
Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera       Paul Thompson, Eddie Jobson
Andy Newmark, David Skinner    
       Neil Hubbard, John Wetton
Gary Tibbs,Jimmy Maelen,
 Paul Carrack, Chris Spedding

Roxy Music had appered at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester twice during 1973. Firstly on 19th March and secondly, with Leo Sayer in support, on
 30th October.
  Here is a full list of everyone connected with all Roxy Music and solo related projects.
Note: who exactly are Olliff and Spurek?
Answer: Richard Oliff & Roy William Garlick
A Virtual Museum covering the work of Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay.
Dita Von Teese                                                                             Jerry Hall            Bryan Ferry & Jerry Hall

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Roxy Music Band members

Bryan Ferry – vocals, keyboards (1971–1983; 2001-) 
Phil Manzanera – guitar (1972–1983; 2001-) 
Andy Mackay – saxophone, oboe (1971–1983; 2001-) 
Paul Thompson – drums (1971–1980; 2001-) 

Former members

Brian Eno – synthesizer, "treatments" (1971–1973) 
Eddie Jobson – synthesizer, violin (1973–1976) 
Graham Simpson – bass (1971–1972) 

Session and touring musicians

Rik Kenton – bass (1972–1973) 
John Porter – bass (1973) 
John Gustafson – bass (1973–1976) 
Rick Wills – bass (1976–1977) 
Sal Maida – bass (1973–1975) 
John Wetton – bass (1974–1976)
David Skinner   keyboards (19771978)
Alan Spenner – bass (1978–1983) 
Neil Jason – bass (1979–1982) 
Gary Tibbs – bass (1978–1980) 
Zev Katz – bass (2001) 
Mark Smith – bass (2002–2004) 
Guy Pratt – bass (2005–present) 
Paul Carrack – keyboards (1978–1980) 
Colin Good – keyboards (2001–present) 
Dexter Lloyd – drums (1971) 
Rick Marotta – drums (1979–1982) 
Steve Ferrone – drums (1979) 
Simon Phillips – drums (1980) 
Allan Schwartzberg – drums (1980) 
Andy Newmark – drums (1980–1983, 2006) 
Jimmy Maelen – percussion (1982–1983) 
Julia Thornton – percussion, harp (2001–2005) 
Spencer Mallinson – guitar (1971) 
Roger Bunn – guitar (1971) 
David O'List – guitar (1971–1972) 
Neil Hubbard – guitar (1979–1983) 
Chris Spedding – guitar (2001) 
Chris Laurence – string bass (1973) 
Richard Tee – piano (1979) 
Yanick Ettiene – vocals (1982) 
Lucy Wilkins – violin, keyboards (2001–2003) 
Louise Peacock – violin, keyboards (2003–2006) 

1st OCTOBER 1982 PLAYHOUSE EDINBURGH. Bryan Ferry - vocals, keyboards Andy Mackay - saxophone, oboe Phil Manzanera - guitar Alan Spenner - bass Andy Newmark - drums  Neil Hubbard - guitar Jimmy Maelen - percussion Guy Fletcher - keyboards Fonzi Thornton, Michelle Cobbs, Tawatha Agee - backing vocals
Roxy Music 1978
                    Brian Eno    Andy Mackay   Bryan Ferry  Paul Thompson  Phil Manzanera
Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay,
  Phil Manzanera, Paul Thompson, 
David Skinner, Gary Tibbs
THE EXPLORERS Saturday 11th May 1985
Jerry Hall
The Explorers
John Wetton 
and Geoff Downes of Asia 
Roxy Music Cover Models

Roxy Music

The first cover model was Kari-Ann Muller. She’s one of the rare models who didn’t date Bryan Ferry (but she later married Mick Jagger’s brother Chris). She got paid 20 pounds, as Roxy were unknow at the time.  Later she played in the Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. She’s now a yoga teacher and has five sons.

For Your Pleasure

Amanda Lear was the cover model  on the For Your Pleasure Album.  Not only did she model for Paco Rabanne, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Mary Quant and Ossie Clarck, but she also was the confidante, protegée and mistress of the Spanish painter Salvador Dali. Amanda was also romantically linked to Brian Jones, which resulted in the ironic Rolling Stones track “Miss Amanda Jones”, included on the 1967 album Between the Buttons. In 1973 she was also briefly engaged to Bryan Ferry, and the same year she famously depicted posing in a skintight leather dress leading a black panther on a leash on the cover of  For Your Pleasure. She went on to have a year-long affair with the married David Bowie. In 1975 she started a career as a disco singer. In 1977 she posed nude for Playboy. Despite modelling nude, there are peristent rumours that she was born as a man by the name of Alain Tapp and that she is a transsexual. Joanna Lumley, who plays Patsy Stone in the brilliant comedy Absolutely Fabulous, has confirmed in several interviews that the character Patsy Stone was loosely based on the mysterious life story of a certain A. Lear.


Marilyn Cole appeared on the third album Stranded. She started her carreer as a Playboy bunny in London and modelled for Playboy in 1972 and 1973. She was pursued romantically by Hugh Hefner and Victor Lownes, who at the time was president of Playboy Enterpises. For a period she was involved with Bryan Ferry, but in 1984 she and Lownes got married.

Country Life

The title of the fourth Roxy album, Country Life, was intended as a parody of the well-known British rural magazine of the same name, and the visually punning front cover photo featured two models (two German fans, Constanze Karoli and Eveline Grunwald)  clad only in semi-transparent lingerie standing in a forest. As a result, in many areas of the United States the album was sold in an opaque plastic wrapper because retailers refused to display the cover. Later, an alternate cover (featuring just a shot of the forest) was used.


The most famous model is Jerry Hall.  She was one of the original supermodels in the seventies.  She started her modelling career in Paris, where she was the roommate of model/singer/actress Grace Jones. In 1975 she appeared, in the guise of a mermaid, on the cover of  Siren. Five months later, Bryan Ferry gave her an engagement ring.  Her relationship with Ferry continued and she also appeared in the video for his 1976 solo hit “Let’s Stick Together”. By 1977, Hall had been on forty magazine covers including Italian Vogue and Cosmopolitan. That same year, she met Mick Jagger at a dinner party, for whom she would eventually leave Bryan Ferry. The Rolling Stones song “Miss You” was written by Mick Jagger for Jerry Hall. She appeared in the 1989 movie Batman and  still works as a model.


And finally the cover of  the Avalon album.   The model (Lucy Helmore) married Bryan Ferry. Only 22 and with Bryan Ferry 14 years her senior, they married in 1982. They divorced in 2003.

ASIA comparison signatures.
 NOT part of this collection
 and his
 wife Lucy Helmore