The Electric Light Orchestra
ELO Part ll & The Orchestra
The Electric Light Orchestra, commonly abbreviated ELO, were a symphonic rock group from Birmingham, England, who released eleven studio albums between 1971 and 1986 and another album in 2001. ELO were formed to accommodate Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne's desire to create modern pop songs with heavily classical overtones, but falling under a light rock category. However, the band's direction for most of their existence was set by Lynne who, after the band's debut record, wrote and arranged all of the group's original compositions and produced every album.

The band was first successful in the United States, billed as 'The English guys with the big fiddles'. They soon gained a cult following despite lukewarm reviews back in their native United Kingdom. They were managed by agent Don Arden, father of Sharon Osbourne.

By the mid-1970s, they had become one of the biggest selling bands in music. From 1972 to 1986, ELO accumulated twenty-seven Top 40 hit single appearances in both the UK and the US. The group also scored twenty Top 20 U.K. hit singles, as well as nineteen Top 20 hit singles in the U.S. Billboard charts, with fifteen in the Hot 100. The band also holds the record for having the most Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 hits of any band in U.S. chart history without ever having a  number1 single.

Despite the fact that the majority of the group's material was never researched, audited and certified, ELO collected 21 RIAA awards, 38 BPI awards, and sold well over 100 million records worldwide, not including singles; 50 million of those being sold in a period of only eleven years, from 1971 to 1982.

ELO music
Mik Kaminski, Richard Oliff, Kelly Groucutt
Richard Oliff, Roy Wood
Members of ELO on studio albums
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Jeff Lynne – vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, cello, producer, songwriter, composer, arranger (1970–1986, 2000–01)
Roy Wood – vocals, guitar, bass guitar, cello, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, drums, recorder, producer, songwriter, arranger (1970–1972)
Bev Bevan – drums, percussion, vocals (1970–1986)
Richard Tandy – keyboards, vocals, bass guitar, guitar, arranger (1972–1986, 2000–2001)
Mike de Albuquerque – bass guitar, vocals (1972–1974)
Mike Edwards – cello (1972–1974) 
Mik Kaminski – violin (1973–1979, 1983)
Hugh McDowell – cello (1973–1979)
Melvyn Gale – cello (1975–1979) 
Louis Clark – orchestra arranger, conductor (1974–1979, 1983)
Kelly Groucutt – bass guitar, vocals (1975–1983) 
Phil Bates - guitar, vocals (1993-99), (2000-present)
Gordon Towsend - drums (2000-present)
Eric Troyer - keyboards,vocals,guitar (1990-2000), (2000-present)
Parthenon Huxley - guitar, vocals (1999-2000)
Wilfred Gibson – violin (1972–1973)
Colin Walker – cello (1972–1973)
Bill Hunt – keyboards, French horn, hunting horn (1970–1972)
Steve Woolam – violin (1970–1971)
Marc Mann – guitar, keyboards, vocals, arranger (2000–2001)
Neil Lockwood - guitar, vocals (1990-1993)
Peter Haycock - guitar, vocals (1990-1993)
Glen Burtnik bass, guitar, vocals (2009-present)

The Orchestra
Gordon Townsend, Richard Oliff
Richard Oliff, Kelly Groucutt
Richard Oliff, Gordon Townsend

Electric Light Orchestra
Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan, Mik Kaminski, Richard Tandy, Hugh McDowell,
Mike Edwards and Melvyn Gale (right)

Roy Wood, Bev Bevan, Mike de Albuquerque & Parthenon Huxley
..."Yo Dudes Rock on KVSC".  

ELO Part ll
Phil Bates, Eric Troyer, Kelly Groucutt,  Bev Bevan, Mik Kaminski and  Louis Clark

The Orchestra
Phil Bates, Eric Troyer, Gordon Townsend,  Kelly Groucutt,  Mik Kaminski and Louis Clark

Bev Bevan

Richard Oliff on stage with Kelly, Mik & Lou
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ELO Part ll
Electric Light Orchestra
Bev, Roy & Jeff
The Orchestra sound-check
6th March 2008 De Montfort Hall Leicester
Phil, Mik, Kelly, Louis, Eric and Gordon
Guest musicians
on studio albums

George Harrison – slide guitar, vocals (2001) Zoom
Ringo Starr – drums (2001) Zoom
Rick Price – bass guitar (1970)  involved initially with some early tracks
Carl Wayne – vocals (1973) ELO 2 The Lost Planet
Marc Bolan – guitar (1973) On the Third Day
Ellie Greenwich – uncredited vocals (1975) Face the Music
Susan Collins – uncredited vocals (1975) Face the Music
Nancy O'Neill – uncredited vocals (1975) Face the Music
Margaret Raymond – uncredited vocals (1975) Face the Music
Mary Thomas – operatic vocals (1976) A New World Record
Patti Quatro – uncredited vocals (1976) A New World Record
Thomas Donnelly - uncredited vocals (1976) "Telephone Line"
Olivia Newton-John – vocals (1980) "Xanadu"
Rainer Pietsch – arranger, conductor (1981) Time
Dave Morgan – backing vocals (1983) Secret Messages
Christian Schneider – saxophone (1986) Balance of Power
Suzie Katayama – cello (2001) Zoom
Roger Lebow – cello (2001) Zoom
Dave Boruff – saxophone (2001) Zoom
Laura Lynne – backing vocals (2001) Zoom
Rosie Vela – backing vocals (2001) Zoom
Kris Wilkinson – arranger (2001) Zoom

July 2007                        February 2009
Mik, Phil and Eric
run through
Twist And Shout
Richard Oliff
on the ELO set at the De Montfort Hall
Signed by Roy on Saturday 18th December 2010
Signed by Roy on Saturday 18th December 2010
Signed by Roy on Saturday 18th December 2010
Saturday 18th December 2010
Saturday 18th December 2010
Signed by Roy on Saturday 18th December 2010